The sudden death of the Queen isabel II paralyzed the world and created a morning of uncertainty in Britain, the international media began to speculate about the ex-monarch’s fragile health, while members of the royal family left for balmoral without saying anything about it.

Of all the royals who gathered, the notable absence was that of Prince Harry, who arrived in Britain hours after the death of the former Queen Isabel II.

The prince harry He recounts in his book how he said goodbye to his grandmother and the moving words he said to her.

While her brother and uncles traveled in a private jet to the place where the Queen isabel II, He arrived at the place by his own means and arrived hours after the news of the ex-monarch’s death was announced, since it is believed that he was not notified in time or it is not known why it took so long to arrive, but he did assure that he King Charles III I had forbidden him to Meghan Markle to bid farewell to the monarch.

The prince harry recalled in his book, “Spare«, that when her grandmother died, she kept thinking about how she regretted not having seen Lady Di in his ending, so he froze looking at his grandmother and when he finally regained his strength, he approached her and whispered that “I wished him the best, that he be happy and that he was already with the Prince of Edinburgh«, who had died a year earlier.

He added that he also told her that, if she wasn’t already clear, he admired her very much for having dedicated a large part of her life to the service of her country.