Today the message that Piqué sent to the Colombian artist after having ended their relationship of almost 12 years has been leaked, leaving many of his followers moved.

The rupture between the famous couple formed by the iconic Colombian artist Shakira and the Spanish footballer Pique He has left a lot to talk about. She has also left a great controversy for the alleged wave of infidelities that Piqué would have committed during the relationship and the current dispute over the custody of his two children.

And now, according to the newspaper The reason this weekend, the defense of the FC Barcelona He wrote a farewell message to the Latin singer, where he wished her luck in this new stage through a message.

The footballer also wanted to make it clear that what matters most to him at this time is that Milan, nine years old, and Sasha, of seven, are well and are not affected by the separation. But the latter, unfortunately, has not been fulfilled, since the paparazzi They have been massively harassing Shakira’s house, affecting the safety of the two children.

Piqué wanted to put in writing how much he cares about the well-being of his little ones. The footballer would have told his ex-wife through WhatsApp “I wish you the best”, while assuring him that “the important thing is the happiness and well-being of our children”. Some messages that would make it clear that the priority for the former couple is to make sure that the little ones are not affected by the separation process.