The most popular types of plastic surgery among mature Russian women have been named

Plastic surgeon Alexander Katkov named the most popular types of plastic surgery among mature Russian women. The relevant material is published by the publication “Passion”.

First of all, according to the doctor, the list includes space lifting, aimed at restoring the cheekbone area and smoothing out nasolabial folds. “The rejuvenating result is achieved through mini-incisions in places invisible to others. During the intervention process, the doctor performs work only in those areas where age-related manifestations are most pronounced,” the doctor explained.

Katkov also named blepharoplasty. “Surgery to correct the eyelid area is considered one of the most popular in aesthetic medicine. It has no age limits, since drooping eyelids can be a natural feature,” the expert clarified.

In conclusion, the specialist stated that women over 55 years of age often decide to have their figure corrected surgically. The most popular procedures, according to Katkov, are liposuction, abdominoplasty And endoscopic mini abdominoplasty.

In August, Russians listed effective ways to rejuvenate at home. First of all, the specialist advised preparing food yourself in order to eat quality products.

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