The most overrated Western weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been named

A whole series of transmitted Ukraine samples of Western weapons did not live up to the expectations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. About this with reference to a military expert, founder of the Military Russia portal Dmitry Kornev write “News”.

The publication names the British Challenger-2 tank and an American wheeled armored personnel carrier as having failed to live up to the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ hopes. StrykerTurkish drones Bayraktar TB-2, American kamikaze drones Switchblade.

According to Kornev, the Challenger-2 is one of the most protected tanks in the world, but the Russian military would find ways to combat it. Realizing this, the Ukrainians almost do not involve the British vehicle in combat operations.

The expert called the Stryker wheeled armored personnel carrier a successful vehicle, but it was unlucky with the way it was used.

Speaking about the Bayraktar TB-2, Kornev notes that there have been successful cases of using these drones as strike drones, but there are quite a few of them. In other cases, “drones were either shot down by Russian military air defense, or hit by aircraft and helicopters of the Aerospace Forces Russia” Currently, Turkish drones are accepted only as spotters and for reconnaissance purposes.

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