280 thousand people voted for new names of streets, avenues and lanes

In Kyiv there will be streets named after Roman Ratushny, Kateryna Handziuk and Alexander Makhov / Collage "Today"

In Kyiv there will be streets named after Roman Ratushny, Kateryna Handziuk and Alexander Makhov / Collage “Today”

In the application “Kyiv Digital” completed rating electronic voting on the renaming of city objects, whose names are associated with the Russian Federation and its satellites. In total, more than 6.5 million votes were received. Someone voted for 30 new street names, someone for 10, someone for 5 or one.

Site “Today” found out what new names will appear on the map of the Ukrainian capital.

What is known

According to the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Ksenia Semenova, 285 thousand people took part in the voting for the new street names.

It’s great that so many people have taken the time to check out the Kyiv Digital app. Usually, several hundred people take part in public hearings on renaming streets. At best, a few thousand, but here 280 thousand people cast their votes! There has never been such a massive and resonant discussion in Kyiv. And this is very good!“, – tells the website “Today” Ksenia Semenova.

Heroes will be immortalized

The deputy also positively assesses the moment that the majority of those who voted supported the options for new street names that were in the recommendations from experts. But the people of Kiev gave the maximum number of votes to perpetuate the heroes who died in the war with the Russian invaders.

For example, Bagration Street will be named in honor of photojournalist Maxim Levin – 22666 people voted for it.

Zholudeva Street will be named after the journalist Alexandra Makhova – 15551 votes.

Volgogradskaya Street should be renamed in honor of the activist Roman Ratushny – 29923 people voted for this.

“I campaigned for renaming Zholudev Street in honor of journalist Alexander Makhov, as well as Volgogradskaya Street in honor of activist Roman Ratushny. They died at the front defending our country. By the way, Roman’s name was added to the list two days after the start of voting. Very it’s good that people supported these two options. This is how we will keep the memory of our heroes,” notes Ksenia Semenova.

What did not like

I did not like the fact that the voters did not support the new street names in honor of famous people, but voted for neutral names. For example, those who voted did not support the new name in honor of Yulia Zdanovskaya, a mathematician from Kharkov who died during the war. Instead, more votes were cast for the name of Nauki Street, while Kyiv already has Nauki Avenue. And in my opinion, this is the strangest choice.“, – says Ksenia Semenova.

There are also several duplicate names, but in different parts of the city.

“I plan to apply to the expert commission on this matter. They must provide their assessment of the voting results and provide their opinion on this matter to the deputies of the Kyiv City Council. It is they who will make the final decision on renaming. I think that duplicate names will need to be removed from the toponymy of Kyiv “Perhaps the experts will have additional remarks. The vote in the Kyiv City Council on renaming the streets, most likely, will take place before the end of summer,” Ksenia Semenova notes.

How the toponymy of Kyiv will change

  • Pushkinskaya – Chikalenko
  • Leo Tolstoy – Ukrainian Heroes
  • Moscow – Princes Ostrozhsky
  • Smolenskaya – Brodsky families
  • Volgograd – Roman Ratushny
  • Petersburg – London
  • Marshal Malinovsky – Heroes of the Azov Regiment
  • Zholudeva: Alexandra Makhova
  • Vladimir Mayakovsky – Red Kalina
  • Budarin – Ukrainian Renaissance
  • Minsk – Lithuanian
  • General Naumov – Margarita Krinitsina
  • Nekrasovskaya – Ivan Drach
  • Vatutin – Territorial Defense
  • Bagration – Maxim Levin
  • Belomorskaya – Katerina Gandzyuk
  • Heroes of Brest – Chernobaevskaya


Before voting for new names, the residents of Kyiv received 12 thousand variants of names for 460 streets.

On June 13, Odessa also decided to get rid of names that are associated with Russia. Mayor Gennady Trukhanov announced the need to rename a number of streets, and especially those that are not connected with the history of the city.

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