“However, this merch is absolutely perfect. Thank you Zoot,” they praise each other Denisa and Natalia Grossovy, who dressed head to toe in McDonald’s.

After “hunting” Přemko Forejt, he launches a massive marketing campaign, which includes not only socks, sweatshirts and other appropriate items bearing the name of the well-known chain, but also influencers.

Natálie Grossová with her sister Denisa

There is no doubt that the success of the Gross sisters is due to their ambitious mother Sárka. Without her generous support and help, the young ladies would hardly have made it this far.

Although the bad tongues can reproach them for the places and events they appear in, as well as the fact that they look like “old youth”, it cannot be denied that they are seen. And quite often and at very diverse places and parties.

Natálie Grossová arrived to sing at Karlos Vémola’s wedding.

What’s more, at the party in the club Duplex, where Denisa went, one would still expect them there, but less so at the wedding of Karlos Vémola. Especially when the younger Natálie also performed as a VIP guest at the party.

The musical star has been very busy lately. She also made people aware of her “relationship” with influencer Adam Kajumi. It remains to be seen how much it is “just” friendship, a marketing ploy or true love, but the daughter of ex-prime minister Stanislav Gross really knows how to sell herself.

Mom’s schooling and her indomitable effort to make sure her daughters are seen and doing well is paying off, and it’s bearing a heck of a lot! Who would have thought that a former waitress from the canteen of the Chamber of Deputies would make it this far and provide for her daughters as well…