He was the first to raise his name 75 years ago, on May 11, 1947, when he collected the first flags among wolves in the Alfa Romeo factory.

The native of Modena tried to establish himself as a car seducer after the First World War, and his career was not in a hurry. In the mid-1920s, although he was in charge of the manager, he did not give up the steering wheel until 1932, when he was seduced by cars from his own name called the Scuderia Ferrari for the third year in a row. She used Alfa Romeo cars, and it’s no wonder that in the late 1930s, the carmaker first appointed Enzo Ferrari to lead the factory’s division.

At that time, not only Ferrari’s name was known in the world of car racing, but also the logo. In 1923, Countess Frances Baracci, a mother of the Italian ace from the First Worlds of Wolves, moved fiercely. He placed it on lut tt (Modena color) and added the letter SF, ie Scuderia Ferrari. June, so typical of Ferrari, was then among the wolves the Italian national color in car racing, similar to the British in the green, the French in the blue and the Germans in silver cars.

Ferrari (who at the time did not want to use his own name due to contracts with Alfa Romeo) arrived to produce the first own wolf, which appeared in only one race. The panties of the Ferrari emblem thus date back to the second war of 1947, when the 125S model was introduced at the races in Piacenza, moved by a one-liter forked twelve-cylinder. The premiere ended infamously because the rally did not arrive, 14 days later, but it won a seduction and your path to fame opened.

In 1952, Alberto Ascari and Ferrari became the Formula 1 World Champion for the first time and won the title a year later. Since then, the drivers under the Ferrari emblem have won another 13 titles. Drivers such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, ​​Alain Prost and the phenomenal Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world champion (who won the first title under the Ferrari emblem), sat in the red cars. Stj thus won a total of 16k Pohr constructor, gave the showers collected by touring cars.

But Ferrari is not just seductive cars. For the company’s reputation in the field of powerful vehicles. Although Enzo Ferrari had a reserved relationship with his customers, they said that they were often snobs, on the other hand, they helped finance the seductive market. Finann’s problems in the late 1960s brought the company to Fiat, Enzo, nicknamed Il Commendatore and renowned for his authoritarian style of women, he maintained his influence until his death in 1988 (he died at the age of 90).

Over the course of seven years, a myriad of types emerged from the factory gates, their bodies designed by the most famous Italian design studios. Most often Pininfarina, but also Scaglietti, Bertone and Vignale. The technology of the second engine has always come from its own development. The most famous models include the Type 250 Testa Rossa (1957) and the early namesake Testarossa from 1984. The Dino type (1969) was also famous, named after the son of Enzo Ferrari, who died at the age of only 24 years.

The F50, Enzo or hybrid LaFerrari models aroused the most emotion from the new production. Although the carmaker sharply increased production 15 years ago, it produced around 4,000 cars, in 2016 it was doubled and last year, with more than 11,000 pens, the demand significantly strengthens the offer. The company’s listing on the stock exchange in 2016 also caused a great deal of interest, after the shares it was just denied. The main word is also the Agnelli family (formerly the mother Fiat), who owns almost 23 percent of the company, a tenth of Ferrari’s second-born son Piero.

Drek for birthday

Just before the celebration of the quarter-century, the characters introduced the Ferrari specialty. The jewel built to order on the warehouses of the F8 Tributo model has its uniqueness in the name given to it by the SP48 Unica. The carmaker built it on its eight-cylinder model, which means 720 horsepower.

Ferrari SP48 Unica

The two-seater sports berlinetta, embroidered by the designer Flavio Manzoni, has a true sculptural quality, has managed to suppress the technical significance of modern Ferrari, which is very clear that their shape is significantly influenced by aerodynamics.

An expert in modern Maranell production reveals inspiration from the current Roma and 296 GTB models. The most significant changes are the change of windows and the complete cancellation of the back one. The input element for the motor cooling currents is on the front bumper and under the rear spoiler.

Ferrari in the Czech Republic: 60 percent of them have grown in five years

The number of Ferraris in the Czech Republic has increased by 60 percent in the last five years and has approached the level of 1,200. Their average is 15.2 years, which copies the state of the entire domestic vehicle fleet, said independent analyst Antonn Pek.

According to the vehicle register, the most born models include the eight-cylinder Ferrari 430, the successor to the popular 360 Modena model, with a 4.3-liter engine and 490 horsepower. The following models 458 and 488 follow. Among the twelve, the GTB 599 Fiorano has the most registrations.

In Czech garages, there are also cars from limited widths, such as the Enzo model and the iconic F40. According to the importer, one of the most expensive models of recent times, the LaFerrari Aperta, found the owner in the Czech Republic, with a price of 41 million K.

A large number of customers in the Czech Republic currently buy Ferrari cars as investment goods. The models, whose value rises over time, are the most limited-wagon cars that the Maranello plant produces to specific sizes.

At present, a hundred used Ferrari are offered for sale in the Czech Republic. Start with a price of 1.5 million K. The best offered in the restored is the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso from 1963 for 76.7 million K.

In the first three months of this year, they bought 37 new Ferrari, which is seven more than in the same period last year. Imports of used cars of these characteristics increased by nine to 32 cars.