It has been asserted that the reign of the monarch, the King Charles IIIwould run a terrible risk according to Nostradamus’s prediction.

King Carlos III and his wife the Queen Camilla Parker were crowned on May 6 at the westminster abbey thus becoming official kings of the entire United Kingdom, after a 70-year wait the British people were again able to witness an event of such magnitude, since a coronation had not been seen since it was crowned Queen isabel II in 1953, since then Carlos III has been very patient and spent his whole life preparing and rehearsing to one day take over from his late mother.

On the other hand, according to BRAND, The monarchy of King Carlos III may be going through a terrible risk according to the predictions of Nostradamus. Lately in the United Kingdom the interpretation of one of the prophecies of the french apothecaryThe sudden death of the first character, will be changed and another will be put in his kingdom”was what was written by the apothecary, perhaps referring to the death of Elizabeth II, but what drew attention to a different prophecy that indicates the line of succession to the British crown.

In the same way, experts expressed that some sinister events could end the royal family and someone who never expected to be king would take power, which worries King Carlos III, since it can be interpreted that his youngest son Prince Harry could be the person who will take his place, according to the prophecies of Nostradamus.

These interpretations could cause displeasure within the royal house, due to the fact that they would not allow someone who has renounced their royal rights to be the one to take the reins of the crown.