V and jungkook They are one of the most talked about pairs among the members of the KPOP groups, and one of the most loved among the BTS group itself. The two have generated a large following due to not only their musical talents, but also their dancing, personality, and charisma.

in many occasions, and more at particularly specific moments on stage or in front of the cameras, Jungkook and V have captured the attention of fans. This is because both singers interact a lot both in concerts and in other moments of work.

To complement the above, we want to demonstrate how Jungkook is responsible for avoiding that Taehyung is showing off around and lets him know when he is, by doing the following:

As we can see, Taehyung already knows when he’s showing off too much and he proceeds to cover himself, thanks to Jungkook who has been preventing him from looking like this.

But if anything, the moment has been widely acclaimed online, with many fans praising the close and loving relationship between the BTS members. In addition, many of them have highlighted the importance of having friends who can be trusted and supported unconditionally, something that seems to be a distinctive characteristic within the group.

In short, the fact that Jungkook has closed Taehyung’s shirt to cover his chest It has been a memorable and shocking moment for BTS fans. This gesture of kindness and concern has been widely praised and has shown the strong relationship between group members, as well as the importance of friendship and consideration for others.