The moment a sign torn down by a hurricane fell on a Russian woman was caught on video

A Russian woman was crushed by a sign of a shopping center (TC) in Novokuznetsk. The moment of the fall of a shield torn down by a hurricane was caught on video, which is shared by the Telegram channel Shot.

According to the source, the incident occurred near the City Mall shopping center. The published footage shows that a huge sign came off the building due to strong winds and fell on a woman.

Passers-by immediately came to the aid of the victim. Witnesses raised the sign and helped the woman get out. It is clarified that the resident of Novokuznetsk is alive, but she was seriously injured.

Previously reportedthat a powerful hurricane swept through the regions of Siberia. He raged in Altai region, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Omsk regions. In populated areas, the wind has knocked down trees and power lines, and there are also problems with electricity and heating. As forecasters warn, the bad weather may intensify in the near future.

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