Petersburger Kirill Berezin, who did not want to take up arms and was denied an alternative civilian service, will go to the rear in Luga, where he will serve as a driver-mechanic. About this “Fontanka” told Berezin’s lawyer Nikifor Ivanov.

The transfer of a man from the unit in Kamenka, where he was called up in September, to the rear unit in Luga was achieved by the lawyer of the mobilized, Ivanov told the publication. This part is engaged in the repair of military equipment, handed over Kirill “Russian service of the BBC”.

The man will be at the new duty station on December 12. According to Berezin’s lawyer, his upcoming service can be considered an alternative civil service, in which the court refused the young man, writes the media.

The Petersburger told reporters that he was in Luga during his military service, and after that he kept in touch with the unit commander. When the lawyer told him what happened to Berezin, he agreed to find him a job without weapons, the text says. According to Ivanov, Kirill was in good standing during his service, writes BBC Russian Service.

Berezin shared with the publication that, in his opinion, now his chances of getting into the combat zone are much less than in the unit in Kamenka, and he is glad that he does not have to go to the chief of staff Smerdov, against whom he filed a complaint.

What you need to know. 27-year-old Kirill Berezin, who is dependent on a 69-year-old grandmother, received agenda in September. He appeared at the military registration and enlistment office, from where he was taken to the military unit in Kamenka. During military training, Kirill refused to take up arms, as this was contrary to his views, and tried to achieve a transfer to the AGS.

The young man was sent to a military unit in Belgorod, where he did not agree to perform his duties. Because of this, he threatened beating. Berezin escaped from the unit in a taxi, then he appeared in the UK with a confession and wrote a statement against the lieutenant colonel, who put pressure on him. 29th of November took place the court, which did not satisfy Berezin’s appeal to be transferred to the ACS, and the man was again sent to Kamenka.

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