The owner of the goat was found, who came to the editorial office in Alexander Nevsky

Recall, on Wednesday, June 22, to the editorial office of the regional newspaper “Alexandro-Nevsky Vesti” the goat came.

The animal in the editorial office behaved uneasily. The goat’s bleating now and then echoed resoundingly through the editorial building. Even the clover, picked for a noisy guest as a treat, did not improve the mood. She calmed down only when someone was next to her, talking or stroking her.

In order for the owners of the restless “lost” to be found faster, the journalists turned to the police. Aleksey Dyachkov, head of the district police department, knows the residents of the district center well. He quickly got his bearings and gave the newspapers the phone number of the alleged owners of the animal.

The call was a matter of minutes. Natalya Kleimenova was very glad that her loss was finally found. Then it turned out that the goat was not a goat at all, but a goat named Gray.

The woman quickly came to the office.

“I have already traveled the whole district on a bicycle!” she shared her experiences.

The hostess kindly scolded Gray for breaking loose from the leash: “Young, after all, stupid. You could easily have been hit by a car!”

And I thanked the journalists from the bottom of my heart.

“I also have goats, I’ll bring you milk, drink coffee,” the woman said at parting.