Colombian singer Shakira, She will have to live her whole life linked to a coincidence that will unite her throughout her existence with her ex-husband, the Spanish soccer player. Gerard Piqué and who cheated on her with the young woman Clara Chia Marti and he changed it immediately after the two ended their relationship of more than ten years.

Despite the fact that millions of people around the world They know the relationship that Shakira and Gerard Piqué had, there are few who know the detail that both will have in common until the end of their days and that chains them eternally.

The former couple, who currently only speak for the two children they have in common, have their birthday on the same day, something that at this time can be considered a “misfortune” for both of them, since their children want to celebrate their birthdays on the same day and they, as good parents, must agree.

Although of course, the level of support for Shakira on her birthday is much higher than Piqué’s, so the former spanish soccer player now he will have to face harsh ridicule during his future birthdays.

For now, the Catalan’s plans will be to share his dates with Clara Chia, who has also been a victim of the entire media circle that has generated the separation of her boyfriend with the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.