The Ministry of Health recommended using the first component of Sputnik V for vaccination

Specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recommend using the first component of Sputnik V for revaccination. It is reported that it is identical to the Sputnik Light vaccine. It is worth doing this for those who were vaccinated more than six months ago.

At the same time, it is better for citizens over 60 years of age to revaccinate with two components of Sputnik V. This is necessary for the formation of immunity protection at a higher level.

“Vaccination and revaccination can be carried out with any drug registered in Russia. For the Sputnik V, Sputnik Light and Sputnik M vaccines, today there is a large amount of data on their safety and effectiveness,” said Vladimir Chulanov, Chief Freelance Specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health for Infectious Diseases.

Doctors note that revaccination helps maintain protection, including against new strains of coronavirus. And to ensure the mildest possible course of the disease in case of infection. This is especially important given the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in many countries of the world, including Russia.

According to the regional Ministry of Health, in the Ryazan region, more than 627 thousand people were fully vaccinated (both the first and second components). The first component of the vaccine was made by 664 thousand Ryazan residents. 102 thousand people were re-vaccinated. You can find out the addresses, opening hours and contact details of vaccination points in the Ryazan region link.