Submitted for public comment draft resolutionwhich approves the rules for maintaining the federal register of patients with infectious diseases – the medical information system “Infectious Diseases”.

As stated in the explanatory note, the purposes of maintaining the register are:

  • obtaining information to ensure the quality and availability of medical care for people with infectious diseases;
  • analysis of compliance by medical organizations with the procedures for providing medical care, standards of medical care and the application of clinical recommendations;
  • minimizing the risks of spreading infectious diseases;
  • ensuring effective optimal patient routing;
  • making management decisions in the field of health protection in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation and timely organization of anti-epidemic measures by medical organizations, as well as information support for the process of providing medical care for infectious, parasitic and other diseases, a list of which is given in the Appendix (more than 280 diseases, see file – ed.).

The document provides:

  • provision by the register of functions for the collection, processing, storage, provision, generalization, systematization of information and analysis of data on persons with infectious diseases;
  • formation of a register of patients for individual nosological forms of infectious diseases, including those with viral hepatitis and other diseases provided for in the list of diseases, in the form of separate components;
  • formation of emergency notifications of cases of infectious diseases, as well as other functions.

Information is submitted to the register from the subsystems of the Unified State Health Information System (EGISZ), as well as information providers.

It is proposed to appoint the Ministry of Health as the register operator.

Patient data includes full name, residential address, place of work, phone number, date of birth, document details, etc.