For public comment published a draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Digital Development that gives Roskomnadzor the right to conduct unscheduled inspections of operators, including accredited IT companies, if it is established that personal data bases (PD) are distributed on the Internet, “including those with signs of belonging to an accredited organization.”

Checks should be carried out subject to agreement with the prosecutor’s office.

The document was prepared “in order to prevent problems associated with massive leaks of PD,” the explanatory note says.

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Recall, now in Russia there is a moratorium on scheduled and unscheduled inspections of all Russian companies (with the exception of certain types of inspections of socially significant facilities on compliance with sanitary and fire requirements, as well as hazardous production facilities). On a single portal of public services (EPGU) works complaint filing service about violating the moratorium on inspections. How reported government, as a result of improving control and supervision activities, the annual savings of business amounted to about 200 billion rubles.

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In the same time, according to Roskomnadzor as of October, since the beginning of 2022, there have been at least 90 major PD leaks, the number of significant attacks on the Russian information infrastructure has increased by 4.5 times. cybersecurity experts predict increase in the number of personal data leaks in corporations and large organizations in 2023.