Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov addressed Russians liable for military service in Russian. In his address, he declaredthat Russia will close the borders in early January and declare martial law.

Reznikov says the Russians have “about one week” left to make decisions about a possible second wave of mobilization. Where he got this information, he did not say.

Alexey Reznikov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine

“I know for sure that you have about one week left, while there is still at least some choice. In early January, the Russian authorities will close the borders for men, then declare martial law and begin another wave of mobilization.

First of all, this concerns residents of large Russian cities, says Reznikov, since “many people have already been taken away in the outback.” He also claims that the borders will be closed in Belarus as well.

Reznikov said that he did not call for taking his word for it, and asked the Russians to answer the question for themselves what they would fight for if they went to the front.

Alexey Reznikov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine

– After the new wave of mobilization will be the next, then another. And the one who sits in the bunker does not care how many Russians die. The main thing is not to get to them. But the longer this war lasts, the more difficult the consequences will be for ordinary people, for ordinary Russians. Avoid mobilization by any means.

December 30, head of the main intelligence department Kirill Budanov declaredthat the Russian authorities will start a new wave of mobilization on January 5th.

Context. Rumors about a possible second wave of mobilization appeared back in October. Then and in November, the sources of Meduza and Nestka spoke about her possible announcement in early January.

There is no exact information about the new wave of mobilization. In fact, the presidential decree on mobilization continues to act, there are no deadlines and limiting indicators in its public part, which means that the Russian authorities can resume mobilization at any time.

In addition, on December 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced reform of the army, which increases the strength of the RF Armed Forces and raises the minimum and maximum age of conscription by three years. Some experts, for example, the director of the human rights organization Grazhdanin. Army. Right” Sergey Krivenko — saw this is a possible preparation for a new wave of mobilization.

The authorities deny the possibility of a second mobilization wave: there were statements that it would not happen Putin, Peskovhead of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. From the authorities the second wave allowed only the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

At the same time, during the war, the Russian authorities repeatedly promised not to mobilize, but in September they broke the promise.