2022 was a difficult year for Shakira, but the Colombian will have to deal with many more problems, including family ones, before leaving for USA to start a new life with their children.

Recently, it has been rumored that the artist had a million-dollar agreement with her ex-brother-in-law, Roberto García, so that he cannot reveal any information about her and her loved ones, Roberto Garcia was ex-partner of Lucy Mebarack, sister of Shakira.

And it is that shortly after Shakira confirm that you are done with Gerard Pique, Garcia issued a statement to the Spanish newspaper “It’s daily” in which he told the supposed truth about the breakup, according to the ex-brother-in-law of the Barranquillera, the ex-partner ended their relationship due to mutual financial problems.

What Garcia said was:

They did not pool their money and cut the family economy in half, Shakira wanted to invest in other construction companies, she had the idea of ​​doing something in the Bahamas and Colombia and from there the problems began.

And added the following:

It was speculated that Piqué asked Shakira for money to invest, but the singer’s family refused to give him the money.

In a recent episode of the entertainment show “Save me”, one of the show’s reporters Kike Calleja, reported that the singer may have convinced Roberto Garcia of a million-dollar agreement so that Will shut up about her and her family.

Apparently, Garcia He had planned to continue revealing more information about the Colombian and she has decided to pay him a million-dollar amount of money to keep him quiet.

In the program they mentioned:

Shakira has decided to make a million-dollar deal with Roberto, all this in exchange for never speaking publicly about her and her family again.

Thanks to the million-dollar agreement, the man decided to give them some documents that apparently confirmed all the information that he had planned to reveal about the singer.

He needed to deliver the documents that put Shakira and her family on trial, which could provide many talking points and prove everything he had previously said.

The details of the deal, apparently just closed, are a mystery:

This was a contract that was closed a few days ago in the Canary Islands and she decided not to appear in person.