The military man spoke about the possible plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the spring

in spring Ukraine may try to stay on the defensive and carry out offensives in some directions. In addition, we can expect an increase in drone attacks on Crimea. This is how a military expert, first-rank reserve captain, spoke to about the possible plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the spring. Vasily Dandykin.

“The enemy has a plan to stay on the defensive; they may try to attack somewhere. Maybe in the south. Now there are reports that they are gathering troops in the Nikolaev area and will try to recapture the Kinburn Spit. They will strengthen the drones, shoot at Crimea, create a line of defense and try to hold it in anticipation of new deliveries of weapons and mercenaries. Ukraine already has few of its own professionals,” the military man noted.

Tasks Russiaaccording to him, remain the same: this is control over Donbass and the creation of a security zone.

Dandykin considered a new counter-offensive by Ukraine in the spring to be unlikely, because it requires large stocks of weapons, as well as mobilization, the attitude towards which in society is becoming increasingly negative.

“That’s not why they dig trenches and create a line of defense,” the military man said. “The Ukrainian Armed Forces are counting on next year, but now they are waiting for long-range missiles.”

Previously the Financial Times wrotethat the Ukrainian Armed Forces have to save ammunition at the front due to their shortage. The platoon commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the republic’s troops spent eight thousand shells daily during the summer counteroffensive, and now – two thousand.

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