The memory of the graduate-hero was immortalized in the ship school

On the building of the school named after Hero of the Russian Federation I.V. Sarychev on May 13 opened a memorial plaque to its graduate Roman Razhev, who did not return from the North Caucasus. The senior grenade launcher of the reconnaissance and airborne company Razhev died on March 6, 2000 in the village of Komsomolskoye from militant shots.

According to Roman’s colleague, on this day the groups were given the task of conducting reconnaissance of the area, taking up all-round defense before the approach of motorized rifle units. When the column passed by Komsomolsky, it was fired upon. The militants were shooting from grenade launchers at point-blank range, from houses, from ten meters away. The first shot hit the BMP, where Roman was.

According to his colleague, having received a mortal wound, Roman jumped out of the car, crawled, continuing to shoot. He died on the battlefield from pain shock and blood loss. Posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

The idea to perpetuate the memory of Roman Razhev belongs to the director of the school, Yulia Kostikova. She said to the students:

“I want you guys to be proud of the graduates who have received awards from the President of Russia for courage, so that their memory will forever remain in our memory. As long as we remember, we cannot be defeated.”

Oleg Lagutkin, chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Russian Guard, commander of the SOBRA combined detachment, former police lieutenant colonel:

“We remember all our heroes. Our people are a special, heroic people. He will never give his Fatherland to be torn to pieces by the enemy. Our guys, such as Roman Razhev, heroically stood and stand in defense of the state. And we are proud of them. Eternal memory to them.

The right to open the memorial plaque was granted to Alexander Razhev, Roman’s father, and Oleg Lagutkin.

The memory of Roman Razhev was honored with a minute of silence. Flowers were laid at the memorial plaques of the Heroes-graduates of the school – Igor Sarychev and Roman Razhev.

School students showed a flash mob in support of the Russian army participating in a special operation in Ukraine.

Veteran of hostilities, coordinator of the All-Russian public movement “Veterans of Russia” Yevgeny Smychenko presented Roman’s father Alexander with a ticket to a sanatorium near Moscow and presented the school with books from the Brotherhood of Veterans of the 245th Regiment “Blown Up Bridgehead” and “Terskaya Fortress”.

The unveiling of the memorial plaque was also attended by Mikhail Nefedov, the former director of the school; Lyudmila Andreeva, head of the Korablinsky urban settlement; Dmitry Plotkin, a veteran of the investigating authorities, a member of the Public Council under the Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Ryazan Region.