The latest news from the Colombian Singer, Shakira, have been about breaking up with Gerard Piqué, custody of the children and moving to American soil, but this time, Shakira, the interpreter of “Waka waka”, Official song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, has gone viral on social networks due to the memes that Internet users have generated due to the elimination of Spain against Morocco in the penalty shootout.

On the other hand, the Spanish media have not forgiven this fact, the media “brand” I use the headline “A monumental palace”, adding “Spain leaves the World Cup without scoring a goal in the penalty shootout against Morocco.”

On the part of the Spanish team, they say that they felt prepared to advance further in the World Cup, but that things have not turned out in the best way, they also say that the whole team is sad, but that this whole process will serve as an experience for them to future.

For this reason Shakira It becomes a trend in some social networks, all thanks to the memes created by Internet users, here are some of them, but without a doubt, we are sure that there will be many more in the course of the days.

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