The renowned artists of the famous South Korean musical group, btsThey have a lot millions invested in the shares of the major record company.

HYBE LABELS is the major organization that represents the most famous South Korean band in the kpopBTS, which has a large stock market, of which BTS members have been buying up in droves, becoming one of the few prestigious investors to enter the club today VIP of the organization.

The members have bought almost the same amount of shares over the years, leaving Suga, Jungkook, V, and Jimin with a total of 68,385 shares each, equivalent to more than 13.3 billion won, while J-Hope counts with 62,784 which is worth around 12.2 billion won. On the other hand, RM and Jin have the least shares, equaling 11.3 billion and 10.2 billion won, which means that each artist has almost 8 million dollars invested.

And it is that for many this is not entirely normal, since the organization of which they own such a number of shares is the one that represents them, this means that now the members of the BTS band have word and vote in all decisions and changes that HYBE LABELS makes from now on.