The members of aespa have surprised Internet users by sharing that they do not follow any diet. Recently, the YouTube show “Street Alcohol Fighter 2“, presented by Kim Hee Chul of Super Juniorintroduced the girl group as guests.

In this episode, the girl group members enjoyed the food served before drinking alcohol. Seeing how well the young women ate, Kim Hee-chul asked:

When I see girl groups, I always see them dieting. Do they have difficulties with managing their bodies?

We don’t do those things“, said Winter.

We are not fussy eaters. We only reduce the portions of food we eat if we really need to diet“.

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The other members also nodded as they deliciously ate the food. In addition, the young women recently appeared in ‘Manager‘ of MBC and they also shared that they do not follow diets.

In that opportunity, karina she surprised everyone by saying that she ate three packets of instant noodles by herself. After hearing this story, the singer Song Gain He looked at the idol’s slim physique and said:

But there’s no room for three packs of instant noodles“.

The inside of my stomach is wide“Karina responded causing laughter.