the book of prince harry was released on January 10, where he tells his personal life and the life he had in the British royal family. The son of Lady Di He also made public some secrets of the Crown in his documentary called «harry and meghan«, released on the Netflix platform.

To promote its recent release, the prince harry has been present on some television channels, where one of the revealed secrets involved a necklace that supposedly her brother, the prince williamhurt him after their famous fight in 2019, which caused quite a stir on social media and newspapers.

The CBS host asked him about the altercation in which the Duke of Sussex accused his brother of knocking him to the ground, damaging his collar and shirt and throwing him into the dog’s food bowl, resulting in a bad back.

Given all this, Harry himself has responded to doubts about the state of his necklace, which he showed to the cameras while he was wearing it and it can be seen that along with the necklace there are three pendants that mean a lot to him, as he explained in the interview.

Two of them are about my children: They have the heartbeats of my children’s heartbeats and they were given to me by my wife.

The third is a circle with a stone in the middle and said:

My friend made it for me in Botswana with a tiger eye in the middle.

For this reason, you can be sure that the necklace is a very important object in Prince Harry’s life and for this reason he takes care of it in every possible way.