The mayor’s office of a Russian city will pay hundreds of thousands of rubles due to a broken toilet

Administration of the city of Dobryanka Perm region will pay hundreds of thousands of rubles because of a broken toilet. This was reported by a local publication “Zori plus”.

According to the source, in just six months the mayor’s office accumulated large debts due to an apartment that was municipally owned and in which no one has lived since 2019. The cause was a faulty toilet cistern, from which water flowed directly into the sewer. The total water consumption for six months was 1.3 thousand cubic meters.

“Four years ago, the municipality sent a statement to Uralvodokanal to stop accruals “due to the absence of residents.” And after that, apparently, they forgot about the apartment: they missed the deadline for checking the meters, they didn’t turn off the hot and cold water valves,” suggested the author of the publication.

After the management company of the building where the problem apartment was located received an impressive bill for the maintenance of common property, its employees sent a claim to the mayor’s office demanding repayment of the debt, but officials ignored it. Then the organization filed a lawsuit against the administration, which decided to recover 465 thousand rubles from the latter. The decision has not yet entered into legal force.

Previously, the Russians reminded on penalties for late payment of housing and communal services.

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