Atroshenko says his documents were “rejected”

The passage for men, including the mayor of Chernihiv, is closed / Collage "Today"

The passage for men, including the mayor of Chernihiv, is closed / Collage “Today”

Mayor of Chernihiv Vladislav Atroshenko said that border guards did not let him out of Ukraine to Poland, referring to some problems with the documents. There is another reason in the official refusal.

Atroshenko announced this on your Facebook page.

What is known

“Today I was unable to get to Polish Rzeszow to sign a partnership agreement. I was going there as part of a delegation of four people. In addition to the partnership agreement, I had a speech scheduled at the session. But I was not allowed to cross the border at the Krakovets customs checkpoint “. It seems that the documents were not in order“, Atroshenko wrote.

He also noted that he knows a specific “customer”.

I connect the incident with a political attack on me by one of the employees of the Office of the President. Therefore, they have already tried to ban me from business trips to Davos. I believe that this is nothing more than the tyranny of responsible officials, who thus want to assert themselves and at the same time exceed their official powers. Thus, they impede my professional activities in favor of Chernihiv, and most importantly, they discredit the President with such actions, demonstrating signs of telephone law at the border“, the mayor said.

Vladislav Atroshenko posted a photo of the decision to refuse to cross the border, where the arguments are the laws on martial law, and not any problems in the documents of the Chernihiv mayor.