The main obstacle to attacks by Ukrainian drones in winter has been named

It will be much more difficult for Ukrainian drones to attack the territory en masse Russia in winter, says captain of the first rank of the reserve, military expert Vasily Dandykin. In a conversation with, he called frost and icing the main obstacle for drones in the cold season.

“Drones are affected by bad weather, poor visibility, snow and all other characteristics. Of course, when the weather is nice and clear, they work much better. Although they say that our aviation is all-weather, aviation has a person inside who makes decisions. Here [с дронами] everything is much more difficult – the loss of communication, because it is carried out via satellite, and electronic warfare equipment (EW) is working and jamming the whole thing,” he explained.

Now the weather is such that there may be banal icing. If airplanes have devices that work against icing, then drones do not have all this

Vasily Dandykin

military expert

Moreover, now Kyiv There are now far fewer drones that can be sent towards Russian cities, a military expert believes.

“We carry out targeted strikes on those facilities where these drones are made, and they are destroyed more intensively. Also, our air defense interception systems began to work more efficiently. Not enough for everything [украинских дронов]. Of course, there is no need to relax. They use them in the summer and spring, when the days are long enough,” the specialist concluded.

How reported The New York Times newspaper, Russian electronic warfare systems have become much more effective in fighting Ukrainian drones. The publication writes that these drones lose contact with the operator and fall before reaching the target.

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