The main feature of the Russian fifth-generation fighter Checkmate has been named

The main feature of the light Russian fifth-generation fighter Checkmate, which is being prepared to be produced in Russia, is stealth. A captain of the first rank of the reserve, a military expert, spoke about this in a conversation with Vasily Dandykin.

“We have a fifth-generation heavy fighter – Su-57. Now it will be easy to gain air superiority. This is a continuation of the line of legendary Moment. As far as we know, this fighter will be single-engine. It will be inconspicuous with good characteristics in terms of maneuverability and speed,” the specialist said.

The Checkmate fighter has no analogues in the world

Vasily Dandykin

Earlier it became known that in Russia started preparation for production of the first samples of light fighters of the fifth generation Checkmate. It is noted that the project was presented in 2021, but changes were made to it, which also adjusted the timing of the first flight.

The Checkmate light tactical aircraft is a fifth-generation Russian stealth multi-role fighter that is being developed as an export project. A distinctive feature of the fighter is the ability to adapt it to the needs of the customer.

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