The main factors influencing life expectancy in Russia are named

Researchers on a scientific project HSE revealed the relationship between life expectancy of Russians and unhealthy diet. How learned about RBC, women and, to a greater extent, men live longer if their diet contains few deviations from the consumption standards recommended by the Ministry of Health based on the usefulness and nutritional value of foods. The best situation in 2021 was in Omsk regionand worst of all – in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

Excessive consumption of sugar, salt and animal fats reduces life expectancy, while consumption of protein, dairy products, fish oils, vegetables and fruits increases it, said demographer Alexey Raksha. At the same time, according to the results of the study, nutrition is not the only and main factor that affects the life expectancy of citizens.

For example, alcohol has a strong impact on the longevity of the population: with an increase in average per capita alcohol consumption by 10 percent, the life expectancy of men decreases by almost three months, and for women – by 1.7 months. At the same time, women’s lives are more affected by high levels of harmful emissions, as well as a poor supply of doctors. Welfare levels, income inequality, urbanization, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic also have significant effects.

The income gap also negatively affects the dynamics of per capita gross regional product (GRP) Russia in the long, medium and short term, noted previously experts Central Bank. In the current conditions of the sanctions crisis, this factor becomes especially significant, since there are virtually no other sources of growth left except domestic investment and trust.

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