On the occasion of the celebration of the day of Valentine’s Day, he prince william He would have given a luxurious gift to the woman who has stolen his heart. However, we are not talking about his wife kate middleton but the one who is presumed to be nothing more and nothing less than her lover.

The rumors of separation between the princes of wales is not only accompanied by a simple separation, but by a possible infidelity that the heir to the throne of the british crown I would have made a long time ago.

Several media linked William to his alleged lover again Rose Hanbury, the same woman who in 2019 was seen with the eldest son of the King Charles III at a private party. All this also summed up to a recent meeting that they would have had on a very special day; on valentine’s day.

According to the story of a worker at a luxurious Italian food restaurant in London, Prince William had a romantic evening with Rose Hanbury, where he would have given her a luxurious pearl necklace for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day.

These affirmations make a very opposite contrast to what Middleton thinks about her husband, since weeks ago she assured that the The prince William was no longer detail-oriented with her at all, so she “didn’t expect any detail from him.”

Rose Hanbury she was one of my best friends kate middleton but from the moment his photos were leaked with the Prince William, his closeness to her and to the royal family was completely over.