This has been one of the many gifts that jungkook BTS member gave his girlfriend, the famous actress Lee Yoobi.

A few weeks ago it was rumored about the relationship between one of the famous members of the group of kpop, BTS, and South Korean Lee Yoo Bi. The two have tried to keep the relationship on the down-low so as not to give too many details about their private life, however, they are already being identified in many places together.

Although the couple was linked for the first time in the year 2021It seems that they decided to be more cautious with their appearances and, therefore, the subject had not been read again until this year.

However, in the middle of this year, an official reporter pointed out that the couple was seen in a shopping center, where the member of bts Apparently he would have bought a luxurious gift for the also model.

The media quoted: “BTS’s Jungkook Was Spotted On Jeju Island In November, And Lee Yoo Bi Was On Jeju Island At The Same Time“, a site where they were again able to link them, also noting that the singer had been in a store Chanel where he bought a luxury bag, which the actress used on several occasions.

«The artist bought a women’s bag from the Chanel brand, some time later she was seen using it on Instagram«, «From the purchase history, it was possible to point out that the product that appeared in the review coincided with the same bag that Lee Yoo Bi had published on her social networks.«. Pointing out that it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Although the singer has been very reserved with his partners or ex-partners, this would be one of the first times that he has allowed himself to be seen with a girlfriend, an act that excites the audience. army.