December 10, 2022, 08:15 – Public News Service – OSN

former ambassador LC in Russia, Rodion Miroshnik spoke about the main condition for ending the Ukrainian conflict. TASS writes about it.

According to him, for this it is necessary to completely disarm the population, as well as disband military organizations and structures. In addition, Miroshnik noted that it is important to eliminate any influence on the citizens of the country and the Ukraine from the outside.

The ex-ambassador stressed that Moscow does not accept “a puppet state that plays the role of a kamikaze directing its plane in our direction.”

He added that kamikaze without weapons and aircraft is almost not dangerous. And even more so, this danger does not exist if no one trains such a kamikaze, does not give him a weapon and does not send him to death for the sake of someone else’s interests.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian military during the retreat throw into the wells corpses people and animals to poison the water. This was told by the former ambassador to the LPR Rodion Miroshnik.

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