Despite all the efforts of the queen consort Camilla Parker to please the people of the United Kingdom, these do not seem to be enough, since he is the member of the royal family with the least support from the citizens.

the wife of King Charles IIICamilla Parker, has always been criticized by the people of the British people, since although her path to royalty has been with a lot of effort, in the same way it has also been very controversial, because she was the lover of King Carlos III when he was married to princess Diana, which is why many people do not trust her for the position of queen, Also, Camilla being one of the most hated people, her popularity continued to decline in recent years after revelations and comments what did he do prince harry in his book and in his documentary Netflix.

Semana magazine has recalled a study that was carried out in the United Kingdom by Buckingham Palace, where said survey highlighted that the 35% of the British people only prefer the title of queen consort for Camilla Parker, only 2% gave their support for her to become queen and the twenty-one% of the town said that it should not have any title.

In the same way, although many people do not want a title for the queen consort because some say that this position should be of the Princess DianaCamilla in recent months has earned the support and respect of the United Kingdom, so perhaps the media and the international arena will be surprised at how Camilla Parker is treated on the day of her coronation.