January 5, 2023, 10:04 am – Public News Service – OSN

A lion bit trainer Alexei Makarov during a performance at the circus in Sochi. This was reported in the Telegram channel “PE Sochi”.

Two trainers tried to calm the lions in the arena, but the animals did not obey and turned the props over. As a result, one of the lions approached the trainer from behind, jumped and bit him.

The injured man fell to the ground. The second trainer hastened to help him, he drove the lion away and helped the victim to rise.

Then the animals were herded into the enclosure. The injured trainer was hospitalized. According to eyewitnesses, there were marks from the teeth and claws of predators on his back.

The Telegram channel reported that during the performance, two young lions were in the circus arena. They “find out” the relationship between them. A lion attacked a circus employee while he was trying to resolve a conflict between the animals. On stage, Alexey performed with his wife, trainer Olga Borisova, she was not injured.

Formerly Public News Service informed that Moscow veterinarians helped rescue a monkey that stole a pack of blood pressure pills from its owner and ate it.