the rapper suga member of the popular Kpop group, bts, He has conquered fans from all over the world, who express not only admiration for him, but even deep love.

The love story of Suga from BTS It draws a lot of attention from all the followers of both the group and the artist himself, and recently the artist himself revealed some details about his first love and how much he regrets how they ended.

Although the band members have tried their best to separate their private and public lives, they have become a worldwide phenomenon that makes it difficult to separate their personal life from their side as artists, and their fans are very interested to know everything about his romantic life, and the first to talk about it is Min Yoongibetter known as suga.

In a way, the singer admitted that he regrets the way his first courtship progressed and confirmed that the relationship ended because of him, suga He also confirmed that he didn’t get any girlfriends after this experience, as such a busy schedule leaves him with little time to focus on things other than his music career, he also added that he doesn’t have much free time to spend with his family.

Suga from BTS he admitted that his first love was in high school and his ex-girlfriend was his best friend first, he also explained that he broke up with her because he didn’t really know how to handle the situation because he was so inexperienced in relationships.

The talented rapper spared no effort to use his songwriting talents to make up for the loss by sending a letter to his ex-girlfriend, but he said that she was never able to read it because he never sent it directly to her, instead sending it to the radio station.

The letter said the following:

Remembering my past love…

Year 3, Class 3 No. 13, Min Yoongi

Hello, I am Min Yoongi and I live in Daegu.

I am ashamed that I am writing a letter to a radio station that I have always listened to. Our Korean teacher asked us to write a letter that could be sent to a radio.

I was contemplating what to write, and decided to write about my past love while reading Hwang Dong Kyu’s “Pleasant Letter”.

Third year of high school, it could be a sweet age to say that one is in love. But it was a memory that contained my true feelings from those painful memories of the heart.

I’m embarrassed to say it, but I liked a girl last year in my sophomore year of high school.

Since I’m very shy, I couldn’t talk to her, so we’re still friends.

I got greedy as we got closer. I didn’t want to be just his friend anymore, so I confessed my feelings.

But she said yes when I confessed that I liked her.

We ended up dating, but that’s when the problems started. Since he was so shy, he couldn’t act naturally with her now that he was my girlfriend.

I didn’t pay attention to it, and compared to our relationship when we were just friends, there was a clear difference. Our relationship became awkward more than anything.

We didn’t date that long and because of all these issues he said to just be friends and we broke up. When I heard those words I felt like one side of my chest was hollow. I felt deserted.

I really understood where he was coming from when he broke off the relationship and I got to reflecting after that.

I would think about everything I did wrong and how I could improve. I also think back on those days and wish I had behaved differently.

If I could go back I would treat her better and I know what I could do more for her. He would tell her that he loved her and that I liked him with pride.

Thinking about those days is painful and unfortunate for me. If you are hearing me say this confessional letter, I want to tell you the following.

I’m so sorry to treat you that way. You must have felt so hurt when I behaved like this. I personally remember it and see it as a good memory now.

Thank you for making that memory with me.