The star dancer bts He wrote a moving letter to one of his groupmates, which made everyone cry. ARMY for your sweet words. What was it about?

The 24th of June, J Hope shared a series of old photos and other memorabilia on his official Instagram account. Instagram. In the captures you can see instant photos of the first world tour of BTS “The red bullet” between 2014 and 2015. It was also possible to see what most caught the attention of ARMY, a letter.

ARMY’s eyes stopped on that specific image: an old handwritten birthday card from Jimin, as labeled by J-Hope in his insta stories.

The content of the letter massively moved all his followers due to the evident love, loyalty and affection that both partners show each other.

The letter that Jimin wrote to J-Hope says the following:

“Ah, it’s the first time I’m writing a letter to any of the members, so I’m a bit embarrassed (laughs). I think it’s so corny that I’m going to die (laughs). Last year I couldn’t celebrate your birthday properly and that was on my mind. So I decided to at least prepare something simple this time. I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!” Jimin begins

“I think it’s the first time I say happy birthday to you like that (laughs). This is something she hadn’t been able to express until now, but hyung, while we’re at bangtan, You have guided us as well as one of the leaders. I am very grateful and please continue to lead the members in the future as well,” the artist expresses about J-Hope’s dance prowess and experience.

Did you like the beautiful letter that Jimin wrote to J-Hope?