Of the applicants, the MSL agency scored the most with seven awards, the Havas Worldwide Prague agency won the one place, and the AC&C Public Relations agency, followed by the PRAM Consulting agency, took the third place with five projects, which also won the award of the Absolute Competition.

The PRAM Consulting agency won this award with the project Investments are not just for millions. The agency designed an education campaign for Porto, the first automated investment platform in the US. The project succeeded in the competition of another 108 projects, which were evaluated in 26 categories through 269 sticks.

The year of the LEMUR competition was very innovative in many ways. Lemur has become the exclusive partner of the prestigious Saber Awards competition, among the winners of the Communicable Discipline category, said only the executive board of the Association for Public Relations (APRA) and the director of the LEMUR competition, Vclav Pavelka.

APRA’s Executive Board awarded the public relations award to Vladimír Bystrov, an inseparable part of Bison & Rose’s image. Vladimir is the mainstay of public relations in all of them, he has done a lot for him, and thanks to his passage, he has moved him, joined Patrik Schober, Chairman of the APRA Executive Board.

Vladimir Bystrov is one of the co-founders of APRA and currently serves as chairman of its Ethics and Death Commission. Vladimír worked in various professional organizations in the Czech Republic and at the international level, and thanks to that he is a recognized expert abroad, added Schober.

One of the strongest competing categories this year was the traditional Integrated Communication with 19 projects and Events and 19 projects together with the B2C and Media Relations categories (18 projects). One category of social responsibility in philanthropy and philanthropy and digital communication recorded one project.

Due to the number of projects, eight evaluation commissions were composed of experts in public relations and communication from agencies, companies and governmental and non-profit organizations. The jurors evaluated the projects in tech rounds.

The ceremonial announcement of the result at the Gabriel Loci complex was attended by 300 guests, giving the audience the main prizes they watched online. Veerem tried moderator Petr Sucho.

Last year, the project became the absolute winner and holder of the Golden Lemur T edu esk television. Ji Hrabovsk from the Ewing agency won the prize for the field last year.

The professional competition has been regularly announced since 2006. This year, the valuation PR projects were implemented in the period of 2020 and until February 2021, which is best based on the client’s business strategy, contain creative e and the reputation of the contracting authority.

The competition under APRA, which was established as a professional association in 1995. The main mission of the association is, among other things, to represent the field of public relations, to cultivate the activities of agencies and to build a good name for the field. members go through the certification process repeatedly.