The LEGO MASTERS family show features Slovak comedian and actress Evelyn with actor Matou Ruml
| photo: TV Nova

The girls have a lot to say about, and the pair we’ve chosen are really the best of both countries. Let’s see, for example, a construction brother, a mother with a son or a friend. The audience will nevertheless be able to watch the two pairs who joined and casting, said the creative producer of the project Simona Matskov.

After three evenings, the spectators will watch the pairs, who will always fight with two challenges in each round. At the end of the evening, one pair leaves the competition. Finl’s evening will then take place in the name of three exclusive and magnificent buildings. This pair will then receive a financial reward of 500 thousand crowns.

The great comedian of the Slovak comedian Evelyn and the actor Matou Ruml are notable for this great joy. From the very beginning, there was an incredible chemistry among them, which he had been getting rid of for a long time, Matskov added.

Matou Ruml he admitted that the competition had driven him into children. The hunter not only plays but creates ndhern paintings, another world. And fantasy is in life. Umt hrt, umt si zmlet pbhy. When people come to this reality show, it’s also a drill. It will inspire them to play. Not only with my children, but also myself, an actor.

The Slovak comedian and skin actress Evelyn, whose own name will be seconded to him in the modern competition Eva Kramerov, which became famous for videos on the Internet or the TV series Svt by Evelyn. He can’t get over it, and viewers will be able to see it on TV. I hope that this will be, among other things, an inspiration for how Evelyn spends her free time.

The show took place in Varav, where they said New compete the best conditions. In the studio with a huge skeleton built, the builders had at their disposal millions of long kits, which this year celebrated 90 years.