Curious Darkness follows a kind of long summer miniseries dedicated to daily extraterrestrial activities in the south of Moravia.

Bloch alias Rosa de Sar collaborates with Jaroslav Rika, the discoverer of the so-called detector geophysical theory, where the remains of the pyramids are searched with the help of a horizontal plumb line. They come from Znojmo, which is why the couple started traveling in this region.

I carved the first pyramid in the area of ​​Krav hory outside of Znojmo, and when Jaroslav washed it even without my navigation and information, my hypothesis was confirmed, for MF DNES Blochov.

It even marks the famous vineyard as a double pyramid, the characteristic varieties of vines grow here thanks to the specific energy. According to Dyje, the ruins of many pyramids can be found in the vicinity of the mountain, but they fell out of the water during geological processes and were buried by other layers of rocks. The whole of Podyj can be called a dolm of pyramids, hard.

It is by no means a typical pyramid like in Egypt, but an artificially shaped hill or rock massif that has been artificially shaped into various shapes. According to the Blochs, they have chambers as well, they are covered with multi-layered rafts cast from soft stone.

In Moravia, she discovered alien structures in Chibe near Kyjov or near Mikulov. Rika also explored the pyramidal mine near Jeviovice in Znojmo, where he even managed to uncover a hundred skulls and skeletons. In the crypt of the pyramids, the skeletons of two giants, the hard dog Bloch, are buried.

The city is connected to the universe

According to their thesis, the descendants of giant civilizations of cosmic origin should have been the builders of the oldest pyramids, building them in cooperation with the native star nations. Their courtesies succumbed to the geoengineering of the Earth’s crust in an attempt to adjust and harmonize it before the planned satellite of the Earth from space, explains Bloch’s bizarre theory for the rest of the people.

Blokhov and Rika wrote a book about it, Pyramids, obi a zanikl asp civilization u ns, which came out in its fourth edition. This also proves that they have a relatively large audience. As a kind of professional expertise, the doctoral degree of Blochov from the Faculty of Production of Charles University is most likely. Rika is a graduate of the BUT in Brno and an authorized civil engineering engineer.

On the website, he describes how he was led to the horizontal plumb line by an interesting encounter with an excavator who, before excavating a trench for a pipe, was using a curved earthen rod. I then introduced the method into my practice.

According to its own words, the help of the plumb line detects underground structures that do not physically exist, by means of a mental connection to the information field, so it detects only their mental imprint. And then draw what Bloch said is connected to the cosmic energy from the center of the galaxy and the planetary vibrations of ct. Including ribs, skull and vertebrae.

Thus, on their website, in a misleading way, they mark the 2015 session of the Czech Television Week in the Regions, where they talked about the pyramids, as a television documentary. That is, something real and open. But there is no evidence. You cannot dig up the skeletons of giants, when they are preserved only as a given mental imprint.

Anti-price for the public

The experts therefore declare the Bloch and Riky revelations only conspiracies.

that the Earth did not originate in the Primordial Mountains and that the Primordial Mountains did not burn many billions of years ago, we will not be able to explain this to Dr. Prodhn, because the direction actually continues. About the artificially quarried stone, which they both repurposed and covered by corroding the prehistoric pyramids, the naïve geologists of the day think that it is a prodnu ula or an orthoglobule. In the underground labyrinths of the pyramids, there is always a pair of giants buried, and it is perhaps the fatal mistake of today’s archaeologist that they do not dig deep enough to find the chambers, Martin Korpk, head of the conservation department of the Podyj a len national park, selects with bloodless irony some examples Eskho club of skeptics Sisyphus.

The incident over Vranov shrouded in mystery. After 35 years of reports of UFO errors

According to him, Blochov, despite his title, does not recognize the elementary concepts of the composition of history, and in his various sources, the source often contradicts itself.

The rest of the time, the dinosaurs lived in the caves of the Czech Karst, perhaps until the 17th century, the prehistoric systems of underground passages under the whole of Europe, the instant of the creation of the mountain and the great continent, the planet Nibiru and the landing of extraterrestrial missions on Earth.

Therefore, if our imperfect, non-Darwinian degenerates were given the ability to detect the mental imprint of the information field of a long-lost object, the world would then be much better! Because God is not like that at the moment, it is necessary to appreciate those who show us the right way, declared Korpk in his laudatory and explanatory speech at the launch of Bludnice balvan, for which Blochov and Rika were awarded for the year 2017 with his positive variant in the individual category.

The errant boulder is the antithesis of Sisyphus for the mother of the public. Both prizemen objected to the fact that it is a violation of basic human principles, including the scientific world and artistic creation.