The football league, ronk 2021/2022, is over.

Zvv ten zpet vetn ty barov.

The last rounds of the superstructure will take place this weekend. In the group for the title I fight only at the derby of S. Slavia’s blasts, the second is over. Sparta is aunt.

Get interested in Slavia, for whom this is the last of the season. And at the same time, he will want to be disappointed with his rival that she did not win the league.

Program of the 5th round of the superstructure

Rescue group, Saturday 18:00: Bohemians vs Karvin, Teplice vs Pardubice, Zln vs Jablonec

Title Group, Sunday 5pm: Slavia vs Sparta, Plze vs Bank, Slovakia vs Hradec

We are disappointed that we did not achieve hope for the title until the last round. But on Sunday, of course, we have something to play for, it’s a derby, said the sluggish Jindich Trpiovsk.

Spartued Wednesday in Uherský Hraditi vs. Slovakia was postponed to the final of the cup. And that’s a lot more important for her than a derby.

Doasnkou Michal Hork at the center in the league against Slovakia (1: 2) deployed a team of young and substitutes. Even against Slavia, it can be expected that some games will be played.

We will be close to the middle of the final of the cup, but we are not in a position to release the Slavs on Sunday’s derby, Hork remarked.

This is the quarter of the derby round: last autumn, Sparta won 1-0, which also succeeded in the Norwegian quarterfinal 2-0. The league duel in Eden was won by Slavia 2: 0.

Plze, which secured the championship in the table in advance, will receive a cup for all leagues after Sunday’s duel with Bank Ostrava. And then they will follow the celebrations.

Even if it is decided, we want to win on Sunday. U just for the sake of the people. The atmosphere will be perfect, there will be celebrations. It would not be appropriate if we approached the match in another way than before, the Pilsen coach Michal Blek emphasized.

Bar stra Bohemians, Pardubice and Jablonec

The darkness in the group for the title of the season is at rest, they are stressed before the twilight of the team before the darkness in the fight for protection.

Pardubice in Teplice and Jablonec in Zlín will try to avert the threat of the bar, the Bohemians, on the other hand, want to keep out of the thorns.

The Bohemians must defeat the descending Karviná and hope that at least one of the Pardubice-Jablonec pair loses. Pardubice and Jablonec have a draw to save.

I know that when the boys are set as the last pass, we’ll do it. We have to say that we will not lose there, said the apple girl Ji Vgner.

Against Karvin, we tested that even if the opponent, with regard to the table, has no idea what to play, he will still dream. That is why we have a tough battle in Teplice as well. Let’s make sure that this is the last step of the season for us, said Ji Krej from Pardubice.

An interesting situation can occur in the case if Jablonec plays a point, Pardubice loses and Bohemians zvtz. At that moment, all the team would have 34 points and the order would be as follows: 12. Jablonec, 13. Bohemians, 14. Pardubice, who would go to the bar against the darkness of the kind of league.

Teplice is safe in the barrier, which kind of team competes the most. Do not play against Pardubice in the same way as you do with the rescue Zln against Jablonec.

We are glad that we have peace before the last round. Psychological coincidence should be played on the hit to a relaxed but responsible performance. The ancients will get a game from the bench, said Jan Jelnek from Zlín.

It was unbelievable how we finished the match in Karviná. We donated the score to 2: 2. We could play at home with Pardubice decisive way to everything, but this is how we have to focus on the bar. We’ll be sorry to see how to handle it on Saturday, said Teplice coach Ji Jarok.

We have to try to beat Karviná, then we’ll sit down at the calculators and see how it turns out. As long as we breathe, we won’t give up. I think that I have a lot of hearing and a great spirit, Jaroslav Vesel emphasized Bohemians.

It will be clear on Saturday that it will be around eleven o’clock on Saturday. At that time, the second league will be ready.

Opav sta in Vlaimi draw. Vlaim in the fall of the second game Opava pesko.

the fortress Le plays ikov, which descends and needs a game regardless of the result of the duel Vlaim – Opava. The draw would cost the Brno club if Vlaim succumbed.