The lawyer warned about the consequences of the confiscation of Russian assets for the United States

Confiscation of Russian assets in USA will do more harm Washingtonhow Russia. An international lawyer warned about this on radio Sputnik Dmitry Romanenko.

According to him, the very next day after the White House makes the corresponding decision, “streams of the withdrawal of assets of other countries from the United States will begin to merge into rivers and this movement may become irreversible.” In particular, he is confident that the refusal of third countries to use the dollar in international trade will intensify, and states will also accelerate their intentions to get rid of US government bonds.

January 26 Prime Minister Ukraine Denis Shmygal reportedthat the United States has provided Ukraine with guarantees of comprehensive support, including with regard to the seizure of frozen Russian assets. “We have all the guarantees from the United States about long-term support for Ukraine – for example, the seizure of Russian assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian prime minister said.

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