The lawyer spoke about the consequences of publishing other people’s photos on a blog

Publishing other people’s photographs on a blog without the consent of the author and indicating his name may result in compensation of up to five million rubles. The director of the Academy of Modern Jurisprudence, a member of the Association of Lawyers, spoke about this Russia Elena Grin, writes RIA News.

“When posting someone else’s photo on your social networks, you need to remember important rules. It should be remembered that every photograph has an author,” the expert noted.

According to the lawyer, even if the photo was found by a blogger on the Internet, and there is no information about the author, this is not a reason to neglect consent. However, this rule has an exception – if the use of the frame is not related to making a profit when publishing, it is enough to follow the repost rules, Grin clarified.

According to her, the rules are enshrined in judicial practice: it is necessary to indicate the source from which the image was borrowed and the author of the photograph. This information can be placed at the end of the post or on the frame itself.

“If the publication is posted for personal or educational purposes, free use is permitted. Such use is impossible if someone else’s image is used in advertising or other commercial purposes,” Grin warned.

The lawyer also emphasized that a special role should be given to the volume of citations. In particular, placing 3-4 other people’s photos in a carousel of 10 photos will be considered an acceptable amount of citations.

In August, the Chairman of the State Council Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov said that the fine for publishing footage of attacks in Russia could be up to 300 thousand rubles. Thus, the minimum amount that Russians may have to pay will be 30 thousand rubles – this amount can be collected from individuals. If the footage was posted by a civil servant, the fine could be 100 thousand.

According to Konstantinov, the introduction of this fine is long overdue – according to him, Russians voluntarily serve as suppliers of information for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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