Jwan Yosef, husband of the talented artist Puerto Rican, he could be left with a large amount of money if he were to divorce the star.

In the last days, Ricky Martin He was giving a lot to talk about, as a result of the serious accusations and formal complaint by one of his nephews. He accused him of domestic violence, stalking and having had an incestuous relationship for seven months.

However, the singer’s nephew ended up requesting that the complaint be filed, removing all the charges he had made against his uncle. But despite all that, the image of Ricky It was completely stained, which even generated various articles analyzing what could have happened to her husband and the consequences it would have had on their relationship.

In case the couple had divorced, Jwan Yosef He could have kept the works of art, valued at more than 5 million dollars, but it is not ruled out that he could have requested a pension from the artist for each year they have been together. Although they assure that Ricky could feel great guilt for the scandal and would decide to give him a percentage of his great fortune as compensation.

Now, if the Puerto Rican’s husband decided to sue him for moral damages, the figures could reach half of the singer’s fortune, that is, more than 60 million US dollars.

But these are only evaluations, since at the moment the partner is still happier than ever, and they have no plans to divorce because they love each other and they show it every moment in the social networks.