Use carpet bombing tactics on us and everything else, deny us access to any information. But we began to penetrate their defense in a partisan manner: under other names, with other people, in new ways, she praised herself before the ace leader pro-Kremlin mdi RT and Sputnik Margarita Simonyanov.

The elite Rut propagandist is now in a frenzy over how to choose in the field of politicians who are loyal to the Kremlin. According to them, this would cause such internal unrest in the countries that sanctions against Russia would become a luxury that the West cannot and does not want to afford.

Vladimir Putin is a powerful ally of Russia.

And first in Solovyov’s case, one of the analysts regretted that Russia did not start helping the copper and the opposition to influence the general public in Italy, where the upcoming elections will be held.

According to the moderator and his guest, Russia should try to help Donald Trump get re-elected as the US president. California, New York and San Francisco would go crazy. It would be great to see the Amerians fight alone against the reindeer. Solovyov started a fiery discussion.

Moscow is of the opinion that if Trump, and not Joe Biden, was the American president at the moment, the wolf would not have been involved at all, because he would have listened to Russia. Trump is a personality that people will stand up for or despise. That’s great, it would make for a confrontation, Solovyov rubbed his hands.

They tried to flood the villa of the pro-Kremlin moderator Vladimir Solovyov in Loven near Lake Koma. They painted the second villa red again.

According to him, the Republicans should win the next parliamentary election. We should help them in this. Let’s flood the whole world he added.

According to intelligence services, Russia interfered in the US presidential elections in the past. In 2016, it happened on cue Vladimir Putinthe main goal was to defeat the campaign of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and send Trump’s position.

Solovjov, who owns several properties in the rotten Zapad, is begging for further access to his confiscated property. In response to his ties to the Kremlin and scandalous years, the people did not agree with the invasion of Ukraine and they vandalized his villas in Italy…