Yes, the kitchen must be functional, at times look and easy to maintain and thus offer modern technology etc water and energy. In the current trend, it is necessary to take into account the fact that I can imagine what time is to be read and what suits its spatial and financial possibilities. Yes, the kitchen has disappeared a lot this year, but if you decide for them, it’s just for you.

The illuminated socket provides batteries that stay open at 600 and 900.

You can take them to trade fairs as a widow, where you can choose according to your taste. Don’t do anything wrong with neutral ones like bov, bl i ed. If you choose a strong color, you will be yellow, which was one of the most represented this year, then add a touch of interior and a modern touch.

Last year, the Samsung logo with its Bespoke line, which bet on consumption in stylish colors, with state-of-the-art features and a luxurious surface, is the best proof of that. Not only can you choose a color that suits you, but you can easily choose a different color for each door of the given consumption so that it matches the kitchen cabinets. And in the first place it is easy to change …

Family kitchen

The kitchen simply became the star of the house and the apartment. The family lasts the most time together, especially where there were children. Therefore, it must be mainly practical and functional. The most common ones are wood, often with fine pulp, which you can also find in lacquer, high-pressure matt laminates, glass (the best smoke), stem and stainless steel.

While in the kitchen island, you can see robust slabs made of gemstone with a height of a few centimeters (usually a gutter on a wooden frame), while the other bottom cabinets use thin slabs made of high-pressure laminate or glass, but not with a gutter decor.

The interconnected kitchen and living room are washed not only in the use of the same materials and colors throughout the combined space, but also in the glass windows in the kitchen, which evoke two popular secretions for the display of family glass and porcelain.

Sliding systems from Italian manufacturers are in sight of designers from around the world.

Not to be missed is the number of classic hoods, which would have a disturbing effect in such an interior: preference is given to hobs with a lower hood. The black color of both hobs and ovens is strongly promoted, these consumables often disappear behind the two, which are inserted into the furniture so that they do not bake. After the end of the bath is closed, and is immediately cleaned.

This is even true of the decks in the kitchen islands, which can be closed with a large sliding plate. And there is a large dining table and the kitchen has become a living room.

Sustainability and disputes

Only the kitchen is not just about furniture, but also about appliances. Perhaps all manufacturers have presented themselves this year with severe power and water disputes or much longer times, which is not the custom in the European Union. The widow Asko, who exhibited here, will offer you a seven-year standard.

Some companies approached the dream consumption years ago and continue this effort. Samsung managed to reduce the electricity consumption of refrigerators with freezers at the bottom in 2000 and 2020 by 67 percent, and drum machines in 2011 and 2020 by 53 percent. This environmental strength has also been reflected in Energy Star certificates.

Bespoke Home allows you to replenish your refrigerators as your family grows. You don’t have to buy a new large refrigerator, you just have to buy some necessary parts.

This year, the Korean manufacturer added an interesting bonus, a modern one. Well-known artists Thibaud Hrem, Andy Rementer and Alex Proba collaborated with the company on a specially limited series of Bespoke refrigerators. The coolers for the specific country bore local cultural symbols, such as stripes and stars in the United States or the graphics of the national flag in the United Kingdom.

In May, Samsung introduced the MyBespoke service, which offers customers the opportunity to create their own single Bespoke French Door Refrigerator front panels. Your daughter, for example, smiles on my fridge.

Bespoke’s refrigerator colors are large enough.

The consumption of water and energy is also monitored by the producers of dishwashers. Bosch has introduced you to the 6 Zeolith series dishwasher, which provides programmatic evaluation, optimization and programmable washing with the help of a mobile phone.

The Oasi kitchen, designed by architect Stefano Boeri, is made of wood from a refurbished bent wood column, which must be changed every twenty years.

The Beko and Grundig insignia also paid attention to construction, putting together a zero-impact space: 95 percent of the materials and equipment were recyclable, reusable or charitable for the charity projects: the remaining five percent will be offset by the planting of new trees.