the exile of Emeritus King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, It occurred in the year 2020 because of all the scandals that rested and rest on her shoulders. Therefore, his son King Felipe VI, He had to make that drastic decision in order to save the Spanish royalty. However, it seems that his father continues to do his thing, since through some photos taken two months ago, it was discovered that he would still be betraying his wife, the Queen Sofia.

The Spanish journalist Diego Arrabal, moved with another colleague to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and they were able to photograph the day to day of the king emeritus in the month of February. There they managed to get former monarch with the company of a mysterious woman, however, the security personnel in charge discovered them and made them delete the snapshots.

However, once they got to Madrid, the computer scientists of mediaset They were able to recover more than 80% of the material, including the photo of the king with that mysterious woman.

Arrabal believed at one point that it was a doctor who checked his delicate state of health at all times. However, the journalist Pilar Vidal assured that it could be Marta Gayá, the famous old friend of the king and the great love of his life, with whom he is presumed to have cheated on Queen Sofía multiple times.

Since they met in the 90s, the king and Marta have never stopped seeing each other. In fact, corinna larsen, another love affair Juan Carlos, He broke off his relationship with the monarch because he continued to see Gayá behind his back.

He Emeritus King of Spain is partly separated from the Queen Sofia. However, they have not divorced and it seems that they never will, so the former monarch is still engaged with her.