The Spanish monarchy He is already aware of the young woman’s love interests princess eleanor with the footballer Gavi, so all members including the King Felipe VI, They are prepared for the possible new member of the family.

Does King Felipe VI approve the relationship between Princess Leonor and the footballer? Gavi? That is the question that many asked themselves, but at this time, it is no longer necessary to ask it, since the king himself was in charge of helping his daughter find an autographed shirt from the selection of Spain.

The King approached the 18-year-old player after the Spanish team beat the Spanish team 7 goals to 0. Costa Rica in the present Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022. The great detail of this meeting is that King Felipe asked Gavi for an autographed shirt, with the sole purpose of giving it to his beloved daughter and future Queen of spain.

Given this, there was also speculation about whether the Spanish royalty accepted this type of romance. And the answer is a resounding yes, since it is not the first time that members of royalty form romances with other people far from the monarchy.

Until now, to Gavi he is already nicknamed “The little Prince”, so the meeting with the young princess eleanor it is completely unavoidable.

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