Kadom prosecutor’s office achieved through the court the elimination of fire safety violations

District Prosecutor Yevgeny Denisov sent a statement of claim to the court, in which he ordered the district administration to equip the entrance to the reservoir, located along Pesochnaya Street in the workers’ settlement of Kadom, with a hard-surfaced platform. This reservoir is registered with the fire and rescue department of Kadoma and can be used to extinguish fires.

Evgeny Denisov:

“The failure of the administration to take these measures can create difficulties in fighting fires and in emergency situations. Increase the time of their liquidation, entail a threat to the life and health of citizens located in the settlement. And also lead to an increase in material damage due to the spread of fire over a large area.

By decision of the Kadomsky District Court, the claim was satisfied in full.