The stand with products awarded in the 6th row of the competition for the prestige of the quality mark Dobrota of the Karlovy Vary region.
| photo: Vclav lauf,

The producer, farm and farmer from our region sweat to change the competition and show that they have something to offer customers. We will therefore try to present their products at regional events, to help them reach consumers. Although most of the manufacturers are now known elements, the high level of their products, said the 1st Deputy Governor Karel Jakobec.

In the category of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Vclav Lojn increased with his Beer mead.

Winning in a competition is a mirror of my work. Ve indicates that we are doing it right. We registered the products in the competition. We gave nai Jabkovici together with Pivovic as he gave the spirits. Nae Jabkovice is a regional attraction. We grow apples in a historical orchard near Sokolov, which no one has cared about for at least fifty years. This makes the apples we use 100% organic. Products can only be purchased from us. We won’t take them anywhere, said winner Lojn.

His brewery is a family affair that has been operating in Loket since 2006. We will produce everything under the soil of a former malt house, which was founded in 1330. In 2020, we opened a family distillery in the U Blho hotel. We have been making mead since the arrest of our brewery. Beer mead is a marketable product. Vclav Lojn added to the herbs and honey that belongs to them.

In the meat product category, the jury was most interested in the Hungarian salm from Josef Pelant of Doupov sausages. In the category of mill products, the company Belina increased with its Tvaroh’s dessert Ka. The cube with palm from Karlovarsk cukrrny won the first place in the category Pekask products and Cukrsk products.

In the last, five categories of fruits, vegetables, honeys and fresh or processed forms, the first place was secured by Honey Dough with blackberries by Miroslav Dim.

The goodness of the Karlovy Vary region – appreciated products

Meat products

  1. Hungarian Salm Josef Pelant
  2. Grilled sausage blue cheese and pep Roman Krma
  3. Beef in own in Statek Bor ZEOS, spol. s ro

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic products

  1. Beer mead Vclav Lojn
  2. Summer ALE 10 Brewery Krunohor sro
  3. Kynpersk zajc dark lek 12 Kynpersk pivovar sro

Pekask and confectionery products

  1. Cube with palm Karlovarsk cukrrna sro
  2. Chlb pivovarsk Karlovarsk cukrrna sro
  3. Bez with a lovely eye Veronika Amlie Kunir

Mill products

  1. Cottage cheese dessert KA Belina sro
  2. Dvojnk Ing. Ji Kubernt
  3. Prodn erstv sr Belina sro

Fruits, vegetables, honey and aes in fresh or processed form

  1. Honey feed with blackberries Miroslav Dimo
  2. Andlsk ajovn – Krunek Jitka imnkov
  3. Honey feed with wines Miroslav Dimo