The janitor took up ballet and became famous at the age of 63

An elderly janitor from China became interested in ballet and became famous. About it writes South China Morning Post.

Liu Ziqing, 63, decided to take up ballet about ten years ago to fulfill his childhood dream. The man had no dance experience, and he started training from scratch. He was prompted to do this by the film-play “The Red Women’s Detachment,” which was very popular in China in the 60s. As a boy, Ziqing watched it more than 10 times. However, at that time he could not become a dancer because he was born into a poor family and grew up in a village near the city of Baotou in the Inland region. Mongolia.

For a long time, Ziqing was a farmer, and then he began to earn extra money by cleaning the streets. However, when he turned 53, he decided to follow his dream. “All these years I thought about dancing. One day I saw a basic ballet course on TV, and I got the idea that I should try to learn how to dance,” the man told reporters. Zingqing trains in different places: in agricultural fields, on the side of roads and in the yard of his home. Sometimes he curls his legs before going to bed, like in a weight machine, because he believes that this helps him strengthen his muscles.

Zingqing’s efforts were not in vain. Over the course of ten years, thanks to his hard work, he became famous and now performs on stage with young ballet dancers. In addition, the man enrolled in a classical ballet course at Baotou Normal University. The teachers are very pleased with his results. Zingqing himself says that ballet makes him happy. Dancing also helped him get rid of chronic stomach problems.

His wife and children support the man, but neighbors often judge him and call him crazy. However, Zingqing is not bothered by their opinions.

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